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Viral Video of Pilot Cadets Causes Controversy in Russia

Footage of scantily-clad pilot cadets dancing in BDSM gear has gone viral in Russia. Authorities at the country’s prestigious Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute have vowed to halt further controversy. The public’s reaction to the clip has been mixed, with some condemning the cadets’ behavior.

A viral video showing scantily-clad cadets at one of Russia’s top pilot training institutes dancing and cavorting in BDSM gear has sparked controversy around the country, the Daily Mail reports. The risqué clip, which captures students from the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute dancing to club music, has caused some to criticize what they say are falling standards at the school.

The clip was reportedly made in October, but has only recently been circulated.

Petr Timofeev, head of the disciplinary department at the institute, was quoted by the outlet as saying, “Honestly, I so much do not want to comment on this disgusting behavior by the cadets. I am now just sitting here trying to comprehend it. We are sorting this out right now, both inside and outside our Institute.”

“Of course, this is such an unpleasant thing. I have worked for 20 years and it is the first ever such case in my experience. It is so painful. We invest so much in these people and they behave in such a way,” he added.

The public’s reaction to the clip itself has been mixed.

One social media user wrote, “Shame on civil aviation! They have turned their hostel into a brothel”, while another said, “Everyone who took part must be expelled so places are vacant for those who proudly wear a pilot’s uniform.” “Nothing is disgraceful here, just young lads with a good sense of humor. They don’t drink alcohol or swear,” a third user added.

However, Russian authorities appear to be eager to halt any further controversy. The governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergey Morozov, has said that ‘tough checks’ would be conducted on both the institute’s staff and students and also said that a commission had already been set up in order to study the clip.

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