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American Airlines Delivers First Class Wine Experience at Home

First class flyers can now order a selection of wines featured aboard American Airlines not for delivery on their next flight, but at home instead. Teaming with Vinesse Wines, the Flagship Cellars program offers American fans the opportunity to order wines hand-selected by airline sommeliers for home delivery.

If the flyers can’t come to the wine, the wine can now come to the flyer.

With travel still expected to be in a glut for years to come, American Airlines is experimenting with a new idea to engage their premium-cabin regulars. The airline is teaming with Vinesse Wines to offer the Flagship Cellars experience: an at-home wine delivery of selections from American’s sommeliers.

American Flyers Can Order Wine Selection From the Comfort of Home

American Airlines is well known for their premium catering experience, and their wine selection is no exception. With the new Flagship Cellars program, those who are staying safer-at-home can still enjoy the hand-picked wines which would normally be served in business and first class.

“For wine lovers around the world, wine provides a deeper connection to the places they enjoy visiting,” Alison Taylor, chief customer officer at American, said in a press release. “We created Flagship Cellars to provide more ways for customers to enjoy our Flagship wine even if they aren’t flying in one of our premium cabins.”

Under the program, flyers have multiple ways to select new wines to sample. Those over 21 years old can either order a flexible wine subscription, build a custom case of wines, or order a curated collection selected by American’s award-winning experts. Both options feature premium wines at a lower price, along with the opportunity to earn AAdvantage miles.

Wine subscriptions start at $99.99 per month, which feature three wines selected by American’s team. Prices on individual bottles, custom cases and curated collections all vary based on the selections.

Wines Become Second American-Related At-Home Offer for Frequent Flyers

The American Flagship Cellars collection is the latest offer related to the Fort Worth-based carrier to help flyers re-create the luxury travel experience. In 2020, American supplier GNS Foods launched the “Good Nuts” online shop, in order to move nuts which would be served in the premium cabin but was grounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feature image courtesy: American Airlines/Vinesse Wines

GaxxyFlyer January 27, 2021

Last time I flew AA business class long haul was about 3 years back, when I asked about their wine selection they stated 'red or white', no kidding. Not exactly a premium experience

runningshoes January 25, 2021

Some of the wines are great daily drinks, (almost anything coming from Kathryn Hall is really good) but when you add up the individual bottle costs, it's not exactly a deal.

bostontraveler January 23, 2021

I laughed when I saw this. The last thing I want to do is recreate the AA experience on the ground. As for their wines, they leave a lot to be desired... I think I'll pass.

carlosnunez.dfw January 22, 2021

This is a smart move. It reminds me of Naked Wines, which I liked until the constant stream of emails started.

Ilikeairlinefood January 22, 2021