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Video: YouTuber Sneaks Into Business Class on Emirates Flight

A YouTuber named Simon Wilson recently filmed himself sneaking into the business class cabin of an Emirates flight.

Wilson, the most recent in a plague of identical smarmy twentysomethings with a proclivity for all-caps, was not asked to return to his seat by flight staff in the video.

To watch this video, go to YouTube.

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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Mama February 13, 2018

I didn't watch this video. But did he sneak in business cabin and sit there for the duration of the entire flight? Sneaking in to take photos and/or videos are different than sitting there for the entire flight time. I don't believe he really can get business meals and FA didn't question him.

reuthermonkey February 12, 2018

Why am I being asked to watch the video to enable these kinds of idiots?

Global321 February 11, 2018

Would be great if Emirates hits him up for the cost of Business class... or just cancel's his return and blocks him from flying Emirates.

edgewood49 February 11, 2018

I cant believe all the bloggers are positing this punk doing this. I mean really. No decorum around here and certainly no oversight So in two days we have the "husband in the shower" on EK and now this punk sneaking in and yes Guve067 they can't even get the class right Geez

ioto1902 February 10, 2018

Wise guy who needs public attention to exist.