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Video: Brawl Breaks out on Scoot Airlines Flight

On a recent flight from Australia to Singapore, a fight was captured on video that appears to show an allegedly drunk flyer attacking a fellow passenger and being restrained by several others.

EDIT: watch until the end. He strips and goes for a run before being tackled down.After our flight was announced delayed, this guy started drinking heavy. About 20 minutes into the flight he started becoming aggressive and had to be restrained after all of this kicked off. 2 hours into the flight from Gold Coast to Singapore and they turn around and head for Sydney 😂Props to the guys at the end who took him down.Photo in comments.(Some footage sucked – didn’t want to provoke him if he saw a camera)

Posted by Rico David Garilli on Sunday, January 20, 2019

“A decision was made to return to Sydney where he was handed over to local law enforcement. Crew checked on the passenger who had been assaulted, and he confirmed he did not need medical attention,” said a Scoot spokesperson.

To read more on this story, go to Fox News.

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ontheway February 19, 2019

Agree with above....what would have happened to those victims if other passengers had not stepped in????? Very poor showing for the airline...perhaps pepper spray should be on board for these kinds of emergencies.

blue2002 January 27, 2019

An interesting video. Crew standing around mostly doing... well... NOTHING. Finally around 30 sec before the end of the recording one of the crew gets the restraining kit. Situation brought under control almost exclusively by passengers. Comments?