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United to Begin Serving Deep-Dish Pizza for Economy Passengers

Starting in July, United Airlines will begin offering deep-dish pizza from fellow Chicago-based business Uno Pizzeria & Grill to passengers flying economy class. The pizza is planned to be a  spinach-and-garlic deep-dish pizza, and the carrier has confirmed plans for a future “pizza and beer combo.”

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strickerj June 21, 2017

As always, it's all about the execution. I can't imagine spinach and garlic being more popular than, say, pepperoni or even plain cheese. Also, there are plenty of better choices than Uno (though maybe few can handle the volume that they have?). But we'll see. And by we, I mean everyone else, since I'm still avoiding United. :)

trevormct June 21, 2017

Yay! Now everyone can be bloated and toot on UA flights.

diver858 June 20, 2017

Deceiving title: Chicago-based United Airlines will start [b]selling[/b] deep dish pizza in its economy cabins. I personally HATE the idea of any food that will stink up the cabin.