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U.S. Hotels to Get Major Boost in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Making the trip to our favorite properties could soon be more accessible to those with electric vehicles thanks to an investment by LNG Electric.
Hotel loyalty may soon come with a recharge for electric vehicle owners at over 13,000 hotels in the United States.


EV tracking website Electrek reports LNG Electric is rolling out a plan to install the charging stations at popular hotel brands by 2028 at the latest.


Charging Stations to be Introduced in Midwest and Florida

The company is working with digital infrastructure partner MD7 to identify not only how many chargers should be installed, but where they would be the most efficient for travelers across the United States. LNG is planning to install a combination of Level 2, Level 3, and DC fast charging stations at many popular hotel brands, including Marriott and Hilton.


The first chargers in the network will be installed at hotels in the Midwest, including Illinois and Ohio. Florida will also see some chargers installed at hotel properties. From there, the company’s goal is to place charging stations at enough hotels to represent up to 15% of the U.S. hospitality market.


There’s no word if travelers will earn additional loyalty rewards for charging their EVs at one of the hotels in LNG’s charging network.


EV Charging Stations Among New Amenities to Bring Back Travelers

The new network of electric vehicle charging stations are just another new feature hotels are rolling out to attract travelers back to their properties. While some are going all-out on their room service options, others are partnering with travel providers to keep more flyers in their network.


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c1ue June 22, 2023

I rented an electric vehicle to take a 65 mile day trip - literally just a single wine tasting and lunch in Sonoma.
I received the vehicle with 50% charge - this was insufficient to get me there and back meaning I had to find a charger. The Tesla Model Y rental didn't have adapters, so I could not use the first place I found. I then found a non-fast Tesla charger at a hotel; 2 hours of charging got me high enough I could get back to SF.
After returning to the city, I had to find a fast charger to bring the charge back to the starting level - it turns out there are 2 Tesla Fast chargers anywhere near downtown SF. The closest one turned out to be a valet parking - meaning I got to pay for parking as well as the fast charge. It took 40 minutes to get back to the point where I could return the vehicle. Net cost to me was probably only 10% to 15% under gasoline cost; with the valet fee it was probably a wash. But the 3 hours spent looking for chargers and getting charged was comparable to the entire period spent in Sonoma and consumed 30% of the car rental period.
Never again.

RFDMinnesota June 22, 2023

FWIW: Level 3 and DC Fast Charging are synonymous; not different types. So basically they're installing a combination of L2 and L3 charging stations. 

miket June 20, 2023

I guess American didn't pay up.