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U.N. Security Council Wants More Aviation Security

Unanimous resolution calls for increased security checks and screenings at all airports.

The United Nations Security Council is exerting their influence over international security affairs by recommending that all airports increase their security standards on commercial flights. The Associated Press reports that the international body unanimously approved their first resolution towards airport security and threats against aircraft and airports around the world.

The resolution, passed by representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia, requests that all international bodies improve their screening policies and security checks at airports, in order to “detect and deter terrorist attacks.” In addition, the Security Council went on to ask all UN member nations to share information about potential attacks, and share passenger lists to track potential terrorists’ movements as they travel around the world.

The resolution passed in direct response to an increase in terrorist attacks coming from or originating at airports around the world. Last year, a terrorist group claimed responsibility for the crash of MetroJet Flight 9268, killing 224 people. Earlier in 2016, terrorists set off several explosives in the terminal space of Brussels Airport (BRU), killing several people and injuring over 100, while stopping all air traffic at the airport.

After the passage of the resolution, American security officials praised the passage as a positive step forward. With the move, the Department of Homeland Security hopes to put more air marshals aboard international flights.

“I regard aviation security today as an urgent matter,” Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson told the AP. “The reality is today there is a continuing threat to aviation security including the terrorist threat.”

In addition to the resolution, the United Nations’ organization for international flight, the International Civil Aviation Organization, announced that they would develop a new global aviation security plan over the next two years. The goal is to “accelerate the development of human resources” for aircraft security now and into the future.


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