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Dallas-Fort Worth Fight Ends in Spirit Contractor Suspension

After a contractor for Spirit Airlines exchanged blows with a woman, the worker will be suspended as an investigation takes place.
A contractor for Spirit Airlines is off the job at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), after an altercation with a passenger was caught on video.


The incident was shared on Twitter, which has been viewed more than five million times online.


Attack starts with words, but escalates to violence quickly

In the short 90-second video shared online, it’s unclear what started the fight between the unnamed employee and the flyer. It is clear that they are fighting over unwanted contact from one to the other, but its not sure who started what.




During the fight, the flyer uses several slurs towards the employee, both racist and homophobic. Despite an attempt by others to break up the fight, the woman strikes the man, which escalates things even further. This leads to the worker chasing the woman, tackling her, and punching her in return.


The video ends with other passengers and workers breaking up the fight. Another man gets in the worker’s face, and a stare down ensues.


In a statement to Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA-TV, a Spirit spokesperson confirmed the worker was hired by a contractor to the carrier, and that they were placed on suspension.


“Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter,” the Spirit statement to WFAA reads.


It is unclear if either one was arrested or charged with a crime for their part in the incident.


Video latest example of airport violence

The video expands on a growing trend of violence between flyers and airport workers. In May 2022, a former NFL player was caught on tape fighting a United Airlines baggage contractor, leading to the employee getting fired.

kkua September 8, 2022

Those who cannot afford civility or manners can only afford to fly with Spirit.

NoleATL August 26, 2022

I'm sorry but once a woman resorts to physical violence she is fair game for being struck back.  

edge August 17, 2022

What would have made her even madder is if the worker went into calm mode and did not react to her rage. 

Neboxod August 15, 2022

She hit him first, I have no sympathy for her. Some women seem to think they can hit a guy and they will be protected by their gender. 

dliesse August 15, 2022

If, as the article states, she hit him first, then she's just as guilty as he is.  There is NEVER an excuse for initiating violence, and she should pay for her actions as much as he should pay for his (and if he had just reacted out of instinct, rather than chasing him down, I might not find much fault with him).