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Thousands of Local Noise Complaints Plague LHR

Over a period of three months in summer of 2016, Heathrow Airport (LHR) logged over 25,200 noise complaints. In a report released by LHR this week, the airport confirmed that it had averaged approximately 274 noise complaints per day, and of the 25,200 complaints, the same 10 people filed almost half of all total complaints.

A number of groups are opposed to the expansion of a third runway approved for installation at Heathrow. Justin Bayley, a member of the Stop Heathrow Expansion Campaign, said, “With half the village demolished and the rest up against the Heathrow fence, with the third runway I doubt I’ll be able to open my front door without ear defenders.”

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IanFromHKG November 3, 2016

Almost half the complaints came from ten people. Almost half - let's say 11,000 (of over 25,000). Even if they all made the same number of complaints that means about 12 complaints each per day per person. Which is ridiculous! What do they do, call every waking hour? Jets now are about 50% quieter than 10 years ago. Frequency may be greater, but overall noise levels are undoubtedly lower. These people are mad...

UncleDude November 2, 2016

The First Commercial Jet arrived at Heathrow some 65 years ago, as you had to be over 21 to buy a home in the area, that means you would now be over 86 years old to not have known that Aircraft make noise. When Heathrow airport first open in 1047 it had 3 working Runways and there were plans to make this 5 be the 1980's. So nothing that has happened there in the past 66 years should have come as an unexpected surprise, Most people who lived in the area at the time have made Millions selling land for Hotels, Cargo Areas, Car Rental Depots etc. Most of the hotels in the area have excellent Sound Proofing so why cant Residential Houses move into the 21st Century?