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This Is What It Takes to Become an Emirates First-Class Flight Attendant

Joanna Collins, a Dubai-based Brit has worked her way up to become a first-class flight attendant for Emirates and shares the following insights to Town & Country about the strict attention to detail that it requires, via Business Insider:

To help customers with wine selection, flight attendants first learn about everything from bubbly to Bordeaux as well as the differences between old-and-new world wines in addition to various liquors and spirits.

Seated in Coach, everything is served on a single tray with food and tableware combined. In first-class, dining is staggered and known as “silver service,” each with its own table setting.

Makeup is strictly regulated, with liquid liner being “recommended,” as well as red lipstick to match the Emirates hats. Many flight attendants prefer MAC Russian Red for its staying power. Nail polish is limited to select shades of neutrals and soft pinks as well as variations on red.

Hairstyles are similarly structured as either buns or French twists—a red scrunchie is optional.

Before VIP and first-class passengers get on board, there is a team meeting to discuss their names as well as personal information that is stored in tablets—including dietary preferences and reasons for flying.

The standard flight-attendant uniform is a skirt and white shirt with a jacket, hat, and scarf, but the head flight-attendant or “purser” stands out in a brown color. And if it seems as though the flight-attendants are constantly wearing heels, it’s because they are required at certain times—including walking through the airport and during boarding. After that they’re optional and most flight attendants opt for flats.


[Image: Emirates]

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Annalisa12 February 19, 2018

What does it take? Apparently from the story all it takes to be a first class flight attendant on Emirates is to wear the right shade of lipstick and nailpolish and master putting their hair in to the right bun.

edgewood49 February 19, 2018

Not much new information as a former airline pilot its fairly bland and one could cut and paste to most international carriers. Having flown EK a number of times I think there is really more there. Just saying

FlagrantViola February 18, 2018

And that's just what they require from the male flight attendants.

Ronlap February 18, 2018

A co-worker was an Emirates FA until she put on one too many pounds and was asked to lose them or resign. Since her metabolism slowed down after she turned 23, she had to resign.