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This Couple Had a Commercial Flight All to Themselvers

A couple who took a Firefly flight from Krabi, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia, last week found themselves to be the only passengers on the plane after boarding.

Carrie Fisher and her boyfriend Kyle McNicol documented footage of their experience and reportedly even utilized the extra space to do the “worm” down the aisle, according to 7 News.

“It was one of the best flights I’ve ever been on. And the staff, though awkward at first, it was the first time that this had happened to them too,” Fisher said.

For more information on this story, visit 7 News.

[Photos: Carrie Fisher/Twitter]

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rgrokett September 13, 2016

We flew in a 747 that only had 12 passengers... The airline: Pan Am The year: 1989 (A month after Lockerby) We had a similar experience (about 50 passengers on a 747) in 1986 (A month after Chernobyl) I guess nothing like disasters to make for uncrowded flying! :-/

o mikros September 12, 2016

@Annalisa12 I don't think FY has a premium cabin. Unless you think they should have been in the cockpit? :)

transparent September 11, 2016

It looks like an ATR, only one class on those short 1 hour flights.

UncleDude September 11, 2016

2 x 2 seats Maybe its all First Class..However I dont think there are many ATRs in The World with a Premium Class Cabin. However as her name is Carrie Fisher maybe they thought she was a VIP Movie Star. Seems they are Brits and Boy Friend has the same name as the CEO of one of the UK Largest Companies. So easy for Airlines to get confused.

pogonation September 11, 2016

I had this once before from GVA-MAN. It was a seasonal flight operating on Saturday and Sunday for the skiing season. We were on the first flight of the year and hence the flight was mainly going to Manchester to pick up skiers and snowboarders and we (with 2 friends) were the only people flying from GVA. FAs opened the champagne for us =)