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These Toilet Ads From Malaysia Airports Are…Interesting

interior of washroom

In a recent series of tweets, Malaysia Airports released an intriguing comic strip about keeping its public toilets clean. “You can flush away your hopes and dream but not sanitary products.Otherwise our Toilet Busters will come looking for you!#toilet #clean,” one of the posts read. Read more below:

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downinit November 2, 2016

Western-style toilets are still very much an enigma in many parts of Asia, where many people fail to differentiate between a squat toilet and a regular one (which is why they typically have warning pictograms instructing the user to not stand on the toilet seat). In the Philippines, the vast majority of toilets are western sit-down toilets, but the seats have been removed (or not installed?) in about 95% of them. This poses much more of a concern to women than men. It is kind of ironic, since Japan and S Korea have by far the best public restrooms in world (with widespread usage of electronic bidets seats).

fairhsa November 2, 2016

Well overdue. Toilets in Malaysia are typically disgusting.

AAJetMan November 2, 2016

If only this mentality would spread to DFW!