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Apparently, It Is VERY Hard to Get A Job With Delta

Getting a job with Delta Air Lines is incredibly tough; the company only hires a tiny percentage of the people that apply. But thanks to a new interview with a hiring executive, job-seekers may have more of a chance with some specific tips and tricks about getting that dream job at the airline.

It’s not a surprise: getting hired at Delta Air Lines is seriously hard. From all the applicants for flight attendants specifically, the airline only hires less than a half-percent. But don’t be deterred – you can still get a job with the company even if you don’t make the flight attendant cut. In fact, it might even be easier than you think.

CBS News recently conducted an interview with Jennifer Carpenter, the global head of talent acquisition at Delta. And she has some advice on how to boost your chances.

Think Beyond Flight Attendants and Pilots.

Delta has about 80,000 employees, so there’s a definite need for more than just flight crew. “World-class aviation isn’t just about airplanes,” Carpenter told CBS. “It takes experts in information technology, customer service, pricing, operations, fuel trading, HR, marketing and predictive analytics—just to name a few – to work seamlessly together.” Plus, those positions see a lot less applications, which would up your chances of getting hired.

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Highlight Your Desire to Help People.

Last year, Delta hired 1,000 flight attendants. But the company received more than 300,000 applications. Make sure you show that you want to help people and be a good brand ambassador. “We have found that those who demonstrate an aptitude and enthusiasm for delighting customers do well,” Carpenter told CBS. “We’re seeking clear communicators and those who relish the role of being a Delta ambassador to our customers.”

Get to Know Delta and its Employees.

Who you know still matters. If you have a connection at Delta, or at least know the company incredibly well, you’ll improve your chances of being hired. “People who demonstrate a curiosity in what we do and make an effort to get to know people already working at our company stand out,” Carpenter told CBS.

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