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The Ultimate Fate of Your Contraband Airport Food

Although you may have pictured the tasty food you’ve had confiscated at the airport being distributed among airport employees as a kind of edible currency, the reality is grimmer. Much, much grimmer.


Every day, the security team at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) confiscates between 400 and 600 pounds of food from airport guests, and after closely inspecting the assorted foodstuffs for insects, all of it gets scraped into an enormous grinder and sent to an unseen abyss.

“The reason… is not because it’s harmful to the human being,” U.S. customs officer Ellie Scaffa explains. “It’s harmful for our plants and our animals.” Vegetables, fruits, and almost anything that contains meat are banned in order to protect American agriculture from invading bodies such as pests and diseases, according to the Customs and Border Protection.

Your grandma’s casserole has gone to a better place.

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[Screenshot via Huffington Post]

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