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The Flight Attendant Jumpsuit That Everyone’s Wearing

Flight attendants, it’s arguable, know more than most about what’s comfortable, versatile, presentable, and able to survive being tossed into (and deserve its share of the limited real estate in) a carry-on. And that item is a $24 jumpsuit from Amazon, owned by at least 400 crew members all over the world.

The Traveling Jumpsuit

“The traveling jumpsuit” was first spotted on a private Facebook group where flight attendants get together and share tips on where to eat during layovers, the best duty-free products and more insider info that only fa’s know.

While no one in the Facebook group can agree on exactly which month it appeared in the group (April? August maybe?) it was instantly a hit. As in, so many photos of flight attendants in this one jumpsuit cropped up—at baseball games, while performing stand-up, out shopping—that the photos had to have their own thread. And, at one point, they couldn’t make enough to keep up with demand and people were waiting up to a month to get there’s online.

Why so Obsessed?

Thankfully, it’s back in stock, just in time for you to buy one (or four) to last you through your heavy travel season (it also comes in long sleeve for cold weather travel). Why would you want to? “Every single body looks amazing in it, and it never wrinkles,” says 27-year-old Parker, who added that she has flight-attendant friends in their 30s, 60s, and 80s who all wear the jumpsuit.

And, you can dress it up or down: rock slip-ons with it and it’s a comfortable in-flight onesie that will stay so uncrumpled that you can pop on a pair of heels, a few accessories and go straight from the airport out to dinner.


So, whether you’re a flight attendant or someone looking to pack easy and light, this $24 outfit certainly sounds like a no-brainer. It’s available in S – XL and available in a short-sleeve version and a long-sleeve version on Amazon (and both are available via Prime if you’re looking for something last-minute).

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FlyingNone December 11, 2019

Everyone ?..... well, not me; I'm not wearing it.

cemlaw December 11, 2019

Uh, having to take the whole thing off to pee in a tiny airplane lav is a no-go for me. And all bodies, really? Yeah, nah. Me and my big booty beg to differ.

BlueThroughCrimp December 11, 2019

Just checked. I'm not wearing one.

bon mot December 8, 2019

"you can pop on a pair of heels, a few accessories and go straight from the airport out to dinner." Agreed, if dinner is at the food court of your local mall.