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Would You Wear This Mask to Avoid Facial Recognition?

In a world of ever-increasing public surveillance, a designer has come up with an elegant and beautiful way of protecting the individual identity. Incognito, as designed by Ewa Nowak of Noma Studio, deploys cleverly placed brass shapes to throw off the probing glare of facial recognition technology.

For those wary of the ever-increasing use of facial recognition technology–and especially its deployment in public places and spaces–Polish designer Ewa Nowak has imagined a minimalist, chic and elegant solution to this concern, reports My Modern Met.

Nowak has created Incognito, which, as the outlet describes, is a brass mask comprised of, “An elongated polygon rests between your eyebrows and spans the height of your forehead while two circles cover either cheekbone. Each shape is connected by a strand of wire that also secures the mask—it fits over your ears like a pair of glasses.

Explaining the concept, Nowak, of the Noma Studio, wrote, “The project touches on the subject of social surveillance and protection of one’s own image in public places. The object is designed to protect the image against face recognition algorithms used in modern cameras installed in public space.

The three elements on it make the human face unrecognized by the camera. This project was preceded by a long-term study on the shape, size and location of mask elements so that it actually fulfills its task. When testing solutions, I used the DeepFace algorithm, which is used by Facebook,” she added.

[Featured Image:  Ewa Nowak]

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aristotled September 14, 2019

agree with downinit ^ there are other less ridiculous ways to easily game the technology w/o looking like an idiot and being a target lol

truclarson September 11, 2019

I think you pay for the GUARANTEE that YOU get the seat you prefer, not that you cannot fill a vacant seat that requires no additional cost to the airline on that trip. Therefore, ok to move. How does the airline justify charging 2x the price for any 2 adjacent seats with the same service when it’s ALSO ABOUT SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Sell it or let someone else sit in it!

downinit September 11, 2019

Anyone going to such lengths to avoid facial recognition is probably hiding for a good reason, so this device certainly would assist the authorities quite a bit. Just arrest anyone wearing one and perform a background check on the spot. Perhaps a hijab would be more appropriate and less absurd. Like it or not, facial recognition is not going anywhere.