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Sydney Airport Security Breached by Nude Jogger

Unidentified male attempted to pass through Qantas terminal before apprehension.

Australian federal authorities are investigating what caused a man to jog to Sydney Airport (SYD), run into the Qantas terminal and attempt to breach the security checkpoint – all in the nude. Australia’s 9News reports the male attempted his breach on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

In a video shared with the news program (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT) shows the individual jogging naked in traffic approaching the airport before entering into the Qantas terminal. From there, the individual broke into a run as he attempted to get through the security checkpoint. Security officers became well aware of his presence before the stunt and subdued the individual after a short struggle. He was ultimately taken into custody by Australian Federal Police officers.

The man has not been identified by Australian authorities and no motive was identified for his streaking through the airport. It is unclear if any flights were affected by the security breach.

Unfortunately, nudity at the airport has become a more common experience, as more flyers use various methods of undress to protest their personal conditions. In May 2015, a man at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) began stripping in protest of his flight to Jamaica being delayed. In February 2016, a local prank artist at Nashville International Airport (BNA) showed up to the airport in the nude, but was arrested after appearing in the terminal. In November 2016, a passenger aboard a Condor Airlines flight forced the aircraft to divert after getting drunk, disrobing on the aircraft and threatening a flight attendant and child. In all three situations, the individuals were arrested by local authorities.

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