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SAS Teases EuroBonus Members with “Destination Unknown”

Over 1,000 members of SAS EuroBonus frequent flyer program are vying for a spot aboard the carrier’s mystery flight in April 2024.
If you were invited to use your frequent flyer miles to book a seat on a flight with an unknown destination or itinerary, would you take it?


Over 1,000 flyers are taking that chance aboard SAS, after the carrier announced their “Destination Unknown” promotion.


Mystery Flight Opened to Flyers at 30,000 Points per Seat

SAS announced the promotion through their mobile app on February 12, 2024. For 24 hours, flyers could enter a lottery to reserve their seat aboard the mystery tour. Each seat costs 30,000 EuroBonus points, to be withdrawn once the flyer’s ticket has been confirmed. The flight will depart from and return to Copenhagen Airport (CPH).


Immediately, the airline said over 1,000 flyers signed up for “Destination Unknown,” hoping to take themselves and one guest aboard the flight. The airline says their mystery trip promises to “add additional excitement and adventure,” joining “a unique adventure curated by SAS.”


“The prospect of embarking on an adventurous and mysterious journey with fellow enthusiasts, finding new connections and friendships along the way, is truly exciting,” Paul Verhagen, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at SAS, said in a press release. “SAS equals trust and quality and promises our passengers an adventure that will bring their travel experience to a new level. These are not just trips; they are extraordinary journeys that will stay with you for a lifetime.”


While the prospect of packing one’s bags and jumping on the next available flight to anywhere sounds enticing, FlyerTalkers are not as excited about the promotion. The sentiment on the board range from frustration in the promotion’s narrow scope, the idea it could be intra-Europe due to the 30,000-point pricetag, or the passenger experience aboard SAS for European travel.


Did you throw your name in the lottery for the SAS “Destination Unknown?” Share your thoughts on the FlyerTalk forums.