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Robotic Suitcase Follows You Around So You Won’t Forget It

Israeli robotics company NUA Robotics has debuted a prototype of its “smart” suitcase that rolls at its own pace at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 this week. The advanced luggage also connects to its owner’s smartphone using Bluetooth so that it’s location can be tracked, and sports a built-in camera sensor which allows it to follow you throughout the airport.

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[Photo, Video: Mashable]

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sdsearch January 9, 2016

How well will it follow you up or down an escalator? You can't get into / out of many airport terminals without changing levels, sometimes multiple times.

ioto1902 January 8, 2016

I like the guy walking slower than everybody else, and constantly looking behind to check that his pet is following him ... The technology may be useful for handicapped persons, but as a mass production luggage, it will hardly do.

jonsg January 8, 2016

Oh goody, more unnecessary weight and substantial lithium batteries. That's a real gift to the airline industry and its consumers. And won't _that_ be good fun when it falls one someone's head from the overhead lockers?