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Passengers on United COVID-19 Flight Reportedly Get Inconvenience Credit

A flyer aboard a United Airlines flight who attempted to save a man dying from COVID-19 says the carrier offered a small credit for the “inconvenience.” The airline reportedly offered 32-year-old Tony Aldapa a $200 credit, which he called “a slap in the face.”

After attempting CPR in the hopes of saving a man’s life aboard a United Airlines flight, the carrier reportedly offered thanks with a small “inconvenience” credit. Fox News reports 32-year-old Tony Alpada received a $200 airfare credit for his efforts, but the airline’s response felt like a “slap in the face.”

United Customer Care Rep “Sounded Like She Was Handed a Sticky Note” with Thanks

Adlapa was one of three flyers who attempted to save the life of 69-year-old Isaias Hernandez, who suffering from COVID-19 during a United flight between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Although the aircraft was diverted to New Orleans, Hernandez ultimately died due to complications of the viral infection.

The flyer told Fox News that the airline reached out exactly one month later to offer their thanks with a $200 airline voucher. Although Aldapa says he is not sharing his story for fame or monetary gain, he was disappointed with how United reached out.

“I have never threatened any kind of lawsuits and I have never asked for anything in return from any of the news outlets that have given me the time to speak with them,” Aldapa told Fox News. “What bothers me is the fact that all I received was a voucher and a phone call from a customer care representative that sounded like she was handed a sticky note that said, ‘Hey, call this guy, he was on the flight and helped out.’ That was the slap in the face.”

Immediately after the flight, Aldapa said that he has been contending with symptoms associated with the novel Coronavirus. Although he acknowledged that some of the feelings could be from doing CPR, like fatigue and soreness, others couldn’t be explained. He tested negative twice for COVID-19.

Other Flyers Reportedly Get Same Offer from United

Although Aldapa was instrumental in attempting to save Hernandez’s life, others who assisted or were aboard the flight were reportedly given the same offer. United has not publicly commented on any compensation offered to passengers.

QT31415 January 21, 2021

I once revived an unconscious passenger on a flight to hawaii. Upon landing, I was given a plastic lei.

GoProf January 20, 2021

I really don't see this as a slap in the face.

scsubasteve78 January 20, 2021

I assume this is a result of United laying off their PR staff, along with any staff that has ever been on any social media. This was a slam dunk PR opportunity that instead they seem to have thrown the ball and hit a girl in the head. Sure this wasn't United's fault, though one could argue if they were serious they would be doing temperature checks at boarding. For a while every 7-11 in Thailand was checking customer temperatures surely United could manage their passengers? Anyway this was a homerun opportunity for United to give this guy something grand that wouldn't have cost them nothing like a year of flying. How much is one man going to fly in a year during a pandemic? Could have had the CEO or other executive call on the phone and say thanks for making us a better airline. You could have gotten prime media coverage for next to nothing. Instead this. Seriously United I could use a new job contact me, you need help.

justDave January 19, 2021

United? Could have been worse. He should be glad they didn't mistake him for a doctor.

hinshaw January 19, 2021

A passenger went into arrest on a flight from ORD to Hawaii years ago. My cardiologist revived him. The airline sent him vouchers good for him and his wife to travel to Hawaii in the future. I can't remember which airline and he didn't ask for anything. It costs the airline hardly anything for this and he appreciated the gesture . ..