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Passenger Forced to Pay Airline Fee After Mother’s Death

Frankfurt, Germany - September 17, 2014: An Air Canada Boeing 777 taking off from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). Air Canada is the Canadian flag carrier and largest airline with some 172 planes. (Photo: iStock)

An Air Canada passenger whose mother died reportedly has to pay $200 to the airline for a flight home to check on his family and take care of her estate.

The flyer, Chris Lade, said via a Facebook post that he wished to change his trip to a later date and an Air Canada agent did indeed say he would be compensated if he sent in a death certificate and flight numbers.

Per CBC News, the airline extended sympathy to Lade, mentioning that he needs to talk to his insurance company if he wishes to be reimbursed for the change.

For more information on this story, visit Huffington Post.

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Snoopy September 1, 2016

I had a similar case with Air Canada. I applied for the refund via the website with supporting documentation and it was handled promptly and without any trouble. Nothing wrong with that...

gbs1112 August 31, 2016

Manufactured news -

Allan38103 August 31, 2016

Article says he bought flight insurance for this possibility. If the policy he bought does not cover this exact situation, then he bought the wrong policy. Too bad, but the airline's fault. If the policy he bought DOES cover this situation, he should go to the insurance company for relief.

DCBob August 31, 2016

United has a similar policy.

Dr. HFH August 31, 2016

What's the problem here? AC told him that if he sent in the death certificate and flight numbers he would be reimbursed. He wants AC to take his word for it? Oh, yes, no chance of anyone abusing THAT.