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Air Canada Express Operator Moves to Lightweight Seats

In an effort to improve aviation sustainability, a Canadian air carrier for Air Canada will install a lightweight titanium and composite fiber seat in their Dash 8-400 aircraft.
A Canadian air carrier says moving to a lighter seat will reduce the weight of their Dash 8-400 airframes by 360 kilograms, resulting in more fuel efficient aircraft.


In a press release, Jazz Aviation announced they are switching to a lightweight seat provided by French-based Expliseat for 25 of their Dash 8-400 aircraft, with the goal of reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions.


Titanium and Composite Fiber Seat Said to “Modernize Passenger Experience.”

Instead of going with a traditional airline seat, the Air Canada Express operator will change out their cabins with a lighter seat made of titanium and composite fiber. The company claims that the new seats will “modernize the passenger experience” by blending comfort, durability, and environmental sustainability.


Each seat will be designed to improve the passenger experience. The new seats will feature personal electronic device holders, increased comfort, and better reliability on the aircraft they are installed on. The new seats will also improve the baggage payload, potentially making it easier for travelers to bring along their luggage.


“The investment in lighter and more sustainable seats for our Dash 8-400 fleet, which are fully customized to our rigorous Air Canada Express passenger experience standards, will reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, demonstrating our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and a greener future for aviation,” Randolph deGooyer, president of Jazz, said in a press release.


Neither Jazz nor Air Canada announced a timeline for the new seats to be installed.


The move comes as Air Canada continues to expand their network with sustainability on their mind. The airline recently partnered with The Landline Company to provide additional service to four Ontario airports out of Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) using ground transportation.


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