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Norwegian Air Deal a No-Go, Says DOT

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) rejected an application Thursday submitted by Norwegian Air United Kingdom that would allow the airline to utilize subsidiaries to fly cheap routes to the U.S. Per USA Today, the DOT said, “The application [was] rejected on procedural grounds [and] had many overlapping issues with a broader earlier application from Norwegian Air International.”

U.S. flight crews reportedly welcomed the news. Air Line Pilots Association President Capt. Tim Canoll said, domestic carriers “will struggle to compete if the U.S. government does not stop foreign airlines that attempt to use unfair business practices to gain a marketplace advantage.”

For more information on this story, visit USA Today.

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98103 July 5, 2016

So much for independent analysis on the part of DOT. Decisions like this affirm my commitment to reject the USB3 air carriers whenever the opportunity arises.

Doc Savage July 3, 2016

God forbid that any competition is allowed after the approval of the big mergers.

LukeO9 July 2, 2016

What unfair business practices?