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Mom Allows Toddler to Poop in Aisle Because Lav is Too Small

Every Friday, FlyerTalk looks back at the week’s most charming individuals. While there are always plenty of contenders for our Worst Passenger of the Week award, only one lucky flyer can take home the glory.

The Runners-up – Bachelor Party Cheated Out of the Chance to Divert a Flight

Out-of-control stag parties that start at airport lounges and soon move to resort-bound flights are increasingly becoming a thorn in the side for low-cost European carriers. Past Worst Passenger of the Week winners have included bachelor party entourages with rowdy revelers who have exposed themselves, caused mid-flight diversions to an alternate airport and sometimes landed the entire group in handcuffs.

The crew of a Flybe flight from Newcastle International Airport (NCL) to London Stansted Airport (STN) this week was determined to not let a drunken stag party ruin another flight. When the reveling group of passengers reportedly exhibited “threatening and overly verbally abusive behavior” towards the cabin crew, the captain contacted authorities — before the plane had even left the gate. “The group was escorted off the plane and spoken to,” police confirmed.

Unfortunately for other passengers and despite the crew’s preemptive action, regulations then required all of the 68 passengers onboard to then be offloaded from the plane, causing a nearly five-hour delay. The good news for passengers, when the flight finally departed, the cabin was considerably more peaceful. “In accordance with police recommendations, Flybe can confirm that none of the offending group was allowed to travel on the replacement flight,” officials noted.

The Winner – Mom Who Found the Solution to the Problem of Tiny Airplane Lavatories

It is understandable that when small children are involved, bathroom emergencies can simply be a fact of life. Parents are sometimes faced with making uncomfortable battlefield decisions about a potentially mucky potty crisis and when this sort of urgent situation happens to occur in an enclosed airplane cabin at 35,000 feet, the results can be unpleasant for everyone involved.

An unfortunate incident this week on a Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)-bound Shenzhen Airlines flight wasn’t the first time a small child pooped in an inappropriate area of an airplane cabin and it probably won’t be the last time it happens. What made this cringe-worthy situation special was the fact that the tot’s mother and another relative were helping and encouraging the kid to do his business on the carpeted area of the plane near the restrooms. More disheartening, when a flight attendant stumbled on the somewhat disconcerting scene, she noticed that both of the lavatories were unoccupied at the time.

When confronted about choosing to soil the carpet rather than taking the child to the toilet, the seemingly unconcerned mother simply explained, “Your bathrooms are too small, the three of us can’t get in. It’s so spacious out here.”

[Photo: Shanghaist]

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RachelG September 3, 2015

I guessed they were Chinese as soon as I saw the article. They still have the toddler pants with a hole in the back for convenient pooping anywhere in China.

weero August 27, 2015

I did not expect the perpetrator to be Chinese ... I pictured her to be a most militant representative of the "breastfeeding in public anywhere" advocacy gang.

Dalo August 26, 2015

Off the plane at first opportunity and both adults on no fly list for life .

SeatOfMyPants August 25, 2015

Why would three people need to be in there at once? A parent and a child can fit. BTDT. I've never been on a plane with "poop pads" and I better never get served a bottle of wine in a bucket some child took a dump in. If the child is claustrophobic, they can hold the door open. I've BTDT as well.

nineworldseries August 23, 2015

How did I instantly know that the mother in question was Chinese as soon as I read the thread title?