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Man Caught With Forged Ticket to “See Off His Girlfriend” at DEL

An Italian national reportedly created a fake ticket in order to slip past security and accompany his girlfriend to her departure gate at India’s busiest airport.

Security at India’s airports have been under heightened alert in the days leading up to the nation’s Independence Day celebrations on August 15, but the high alert didn’t stop Riccardo Volpata from allegedly using a forged boarding pass to enter a secure area at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). The Italian citizen reportedly hatched the plan so that he could keep his girlfriend company while she waited to board a departing flight.

“He was spotted by CISF personnel who then approached him and asked for his papers,” a police spokesperson told The Times of India. “It was found out that he had entered the terminal, flashing a ticket of Aeroflot. Airline officials were contacted and they declared Volpata’s ticket to be forged.”

Agents of India’s Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) say they spotted Volpata lingering in an airport terminal and that he presented the forged boarding pass that he used to enter the terminal when asked to provide proper travel documents. Police say that the man eventually admitted that he had created the fake airline ticket so that he could steal the last few moments with his girlfriend before she caught her flight.

CISF agents had stepped up surveillance during the lead-up to the 69th anniversary of India’s independence on Monday. One day earlier, on Sunday, plainclothes CISF agents on the lookout for suspicious activity quickly foiled Volpata’s plan. He was quickly turned over to local police and now faces criminal charges related to the ill-advised romantic gesture.

[Photo: India PR Wire]

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amanuensis August 17, 2016

He should have just bought a fully refundable ticket for a flight boarding an hour after his girlfriend's flight from a gate nearby. And then got it refunded after she left.

JohnnyRockets August 17, 2016

Question is how far he got in. If it was the check-in counters then that isn't much alarming. If he went deeper as in the gate area then that is a different story. This would have been much funnier had he made it that far since in India you probably need to go through over 9 people asking for your credentials before you make it to your seat and ,while I feel this redundancy isn't effective, this guy would prove my point that the first 7 out of 9 were really useless.