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Man Attempts to Transport Whole Cougar Through Airport Security

According to Las Vegas police, a flyer was discovered by airport security at McCarran International Airport (LAS) to be smuggling a cougar carcass through security after returning from a hunting trip. McCarran spokesperson Melissa Nunnery confirmed that the flyer eventually shipped the cougar’s body home instead of bringing it aboard the flight.

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RUAMKZ December 31, 2017

Were they headed for Pullman, WA? Or SLC?

htb December 29, 2017

What was the problem with taking it on the plane?

FlyingUnderTheRadar December 29, 2017

Click bait BS as there was ZERO attempt to smuggle anything it was perfectly legal. https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/local-las-vegas/dead-cougar-found-in-mans-luggage-at-las-vegas-airport/ Do some verification rather click baiting.

Boggie Dog December 29, 2017

Smuggled? It was taken legally and no rule prohibited transport by air.