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Look at This Passenger’s (Sad) Vegetarian Meal

A passenger’s photo of his in-flight meal has gone viral, as his request for “Vegetarian Oriental” appears to be just a bevy of raw vegetables. The man placed his order with Aegean Airlines pre-flight, and he was reportedly disappointed when he received “the dish,” accompanied by a fork and knife.

“I didn’t complain about this yummy dish,” he said. “But then I realised that all passengers who ordered a non-vegetarian meal got an extra cookie for dessert, so I demanded a cookie and got one.”

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Sydneyberlin July 3, 2017

What's the problem- the passenger wanted a vegetarian meal and got a vegetable lover's dream! ;-)

general45 July 3, 2017

Ahhhh, What's up, Doc?

yasmas June 30, 2017

I believe most vegetarian meals are made “vegan” not vegetarian so no dairy, milk eggs etc. so that is why no cookie. If the passenger was vegetarian why not just order a regular meal most times they have a non-meat option or something meat can easily be pulled off or put to the side my wife is basically vegetarian and never has a problem finding something to eat on any flights around the world and has never ordered a special meal.

JWN June 30, 2017

TBH If the vegetables were fresh I think I would enjoy them more than the normal pasta with some sort of sauce that passes for airline food these days. Unless of course I had paid extra for the meal, then I would expect something a bit more substantial.