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Just 108,977 People Flew in the United States on Friday, According to the TSA

Image Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Wikimedia Commons

While the coronavirus continues to put a strain on hospitals all over the world, it has significantly lightened travel all over the world. On Saturday, the Transportation Security Administration released its daily traveler numbers via Twitter. Those numbers revealed a significant decrease in travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

The numbers were released by the TSA’s Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein. While the Tweet did not release any numbers from other days in the week, it did compare the numbers to travel this time last year. And, on that Sunday, around 2,590,499 people passed through checkpoints. That means that passenger numbers are down 96%.

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Brostman April 21, 2020

I imagine that Customs & Immigration counts are down an even greater percentage.... One would think they could put the excess Agent staffing to work by allowing for TSA and Global Entry interviews.... of course, with all the necessary social distancing and other precautions to protect both the Border Agents and the applicants

MRM April 16, 2020

That's still a hell of a lot of people spreading germs all over...SMH

c502cid April 16, 2020

I wonder if TSA staffing has been matched to the demand. Anyone know?

gay April 15, 2020

It should be down 100% and airlines should not be bailed out.