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In Brief: Flight Cancelled Following Kangaroo Collision on Runway

Rex Airlines Flight 3653 was cancelled Thursday morning after the aircraft struck a kangaroo during takeoff at Mildura Airport (MQL). According to MQL chief executive Bill Burke, a kangaroo made its way onto the runway just as the Saab 340 was preparing to depart for Melbourne.

“Where it came from, nobody would know.We have a very stringent inspection regime that we had adhere to,” said Burke. “Basically, there was nothing more than we could have done.”

The pilot aborted takeoff following the collision and an assessment of the aircraft revealed damage to the right propeller. Rex spokeswoman Alicia Chapple said engineers deemed the aircraft “unserviceable” and the airline made arrangements so passengers to continue to Melbourne.

For more information on this story, visit Sunraysia Daily.

[Photo: Rex Airlines]

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weero August 2, 2015

I miss Australia and its unique offer of challenges, risks, and accidents. Not word on the health of the roo but I fear being struck by a high speed prop is very likely fatal.

pdsales July 30, 2015

This also temporarily interrupted Mildura's scheduled kangaroo service, which is usually limited to short hops.