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Hotel Guests Plummet After Staircase Breaks

Guests were posing for wedding photos when Holiday Inn staircase gave way, injuring 15.

At least 15 guests of a Holiday Inn were rushed to the hospital during a weekend wedding celebration, after the staircase they were standing on gave way and sent some falling as far as 10 feet. Britain’s The Sun reports the incident took place at the Holiday Inn Hemel Hempstead, north of London, on Saturday, Feb. 25.

The party were at the hotel celebrating a wedding, and paused on the staircase to pose for a group photo. Those who were standing on the staircase said they heard “an almighty crack,” followed by the staircase breaking. Those at the top of the stairs fell approximately 10 feet to the ground, injuring their head, neck and legs. Although the bride and groom were okay, at least one person was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. Four ambulances responded to care for the injured parties.

“I could get really angry, but now isn’t the time,” Christopher Bryce, father of the bride, told The Sun. “A lot of people are still recovering from their injuries and my main focus is to help my daughter in her recovery.”

Both Holiday Inn and local authorities are investigating how the staircase broke. While the wedding reception has been postponed, a spokesperson for the hotel chain told The Sun they would work with the couple to rearrange their plans after the accident.

“We have been in constant contact with those impacted to ensure they have our support,” a spokesperson for the hotel company told the British newspaper. “A full investigation has been launched and we are cooperating fully with authorities.”

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