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Hidden Video Just Caught Stomach-Churning Hotel Cleaning Practices in China

Three hotels in China were fined after officials confirmed the authenticity of video footage documenting some highly unhygienic approaches to housekeeping – including cleaning drinking glasses with a toilet brush.

Officials in China say that three hotels, including a Sheraton property, a Shangri-La and a Kempinski location were warned over stomach-churning housekeeping procedures documented in an undercover news report. Regulators say the establishments identified were fined and have agreed to put new protocols in place after hidden cameras caught housekeepers cutting corners in some extraordinary ways – in some cases, using toilet brushes to clean bathroom sinks and beverage glasses.

“If what was shown in the video was proved to be true, it would be a serious violation of our hygiene standards and it would not be acceptable,” the Harbin Shangri-La said in a statement to the South China Morning Post. “At the same time, we will also cooperate with local government to properly implement all hygiene measures.”

While the Harbin Shangri-La has promised an investigation and better supervision of employees, the two other properties located in Harbin that were featured in the Pear Video undercover report have so far declined to comment on the repulsive footage. City officials say that they have independently confirmed the authenticity of the hidden camera recording.

According to the newspaper, nightly rates at the properties range from just over $100 to more than $400 per night. The Pear Video undercover exposé that was recorded by a reporter working as an intern at the properties, reports that housekeeping staff at each of the tony hotels had complained repeatedly about an increasingly overwhelming workload.

In September of this year, W, Marriott and Hilton hotels in Beijing were busted for allegedly not routinely cleaning rooms before new guests checked in. This sort of icky problem is, however, apparently not unique to properties in China. Hotel workers all around the globe have anonymously confessed online to “tricks of the trade” that the rest of us might be better off not knowing about.


[Image Source: Pixabay]

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tstone7330 January 9, 2018

I vividly remember a similar undercover op at hotels in the ATL area - years ago. The images never left me. Since then, my first option is to take paper cups from the lobby from the take away coffee area to use in my room. Otherwise I boil any cups/glasses that I need to use. If the glassware is particularly disgusting I take a pic and send it to the customer service team. Never get responses tho.