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Anonymous Tell-All App Reveals Hotel Staff’s Dirty Secrets

Get the real story of what happens in hotels straight from employees using the Whisper app.

It’s like PostSecret for professional hotel employees. The Daily Mail mined Whisper, an app that allows anonymous users to post confessions, in order to find the most surprising admissions from hotel staff. And what we’ve feared is true: nothing is as clean as it should be, disrespectful customers get paid back ten-fold, and nice guests are often rewarded. Here are some of the most mind-boggling confessions:

Customer Service

“When people are being obnoxious late at night, we replace their sheets with the most repulsive person’s sheets.”

“When the guests are rude to me, I put them in the worst room possible.”

“If you’re nice I might give you an upgrade or do up and beyond my normal duties but if you’re rude it is what it is or I’ll rip you off.”



“Sometimes I don’t strip the beds and put on new sheets, I just remake the bed and take off the hairs with a roller. Cuts my time in half on cleaning the rooms.”

“I’m a maid at a hotel and sometimes when I’m lazy I reuse the sheets on the bed and make them look nice. I always feel bad for the next people.”

“Yes we do change ALL sheets and towels. But unfortunately the blankets almost never get washed.”

And more…

“We never bring or buy lunch, because we pick off of the plates before they go up.”

“I work in the most disgusting hotel I’ve ever seen. Dead bugs everywhere on a daily basis. I think the building should be demolished. But I’m too broke to leave yet.”

[Photos: Getty Images, Whisper]

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brocklee9000 January 13, 2016

Sorry, no. I'm still in college. Many of my peers use or have used this app. I have even downloaded it to see what it's all about. The majority of these "stories" or "reports" or whatever you want to call them are exaggerations, or flat out fabrications. This is just an anonymous social media platform where youth, who thrive on online attention and how many likes they can get (free internet points!!!), repost old jokes and memes and the kind of baloney you used to see in those chain emails 10 years ago. While there are things posted on that app which are true, I would be willing to bet my life savings that a hotel did not only wash their linens and towels once per year.