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Heroin Flying to London Intercepted for Second Time in Eight Days

Shipment stopped prior to departure by Pakistani authorities.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is in the center of an anti-drug investigation, after two shipments of heroin have been intercepted aboard the carrier’s airplanes in the past eight days. Reuters reports the most recent parcel of drugs were found on Monday, May 22, 2017.

According to Pakistani authorities, a 44-pound package of drugs was found aboard PIA Flight 785, departing Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ISB) for London Heathrow Airport (LHR). The flight was one of four investigators planned to inspect prior to departure. After the drugs were discovered, the aircraft was allowed to take off as police continued their investigation.

The heroin bust marks the second time drugs have been found on flights bound to London and at least the fourth time heroin has made an appearance on an aircraft over the past nine months. On Monday, May 15, British authorities announced the discovery of “a quantity of heroin […] concealed within the [PIA] aircraft” after a landing at LHR. Prior to that, opiates were found on flights going to Dubai in August 2016 and Saudi Arabia in December 2016. In the latter discovery, 12 PIA employees were arrested for their part in transporting the heroin.

A spokesperson for PIA confirmed to Reuters that the drugs were discovered on the aircraft: “PIA has taken a stern action to keep its fleet free from any effort of smuggling narcotics or other contraband.” The spokesperson did not comment about the bust on May 15.

The drug busts are the latest in a long line of problems for the troubled Pakistani state carrier. After losing their chairman due to an aircraft accident in 2016, the airline has launched probes into their chief executive over corruption and crewmembers who allowed unauthorized people to fly.

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