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Follow the Bouncing Plane

Video footage shows an Emirates Airbus A380 bouncing perilously onto the runway as it battles strong crosswinds at Manchester Airport.

Storm Frank has run roughshod over London over the holiday season, and as the Airbus landed in Manchester, 50 mph winds buffeted the flight from side-to-side, preventing the nose gear from touching down immediately. No injuries are reported at this time.

To read more on this story and see video footage, go to The Daily Mail.

[Video: Daily Mail, Photo: Storyful]

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brocklee9000 January 15, 2016

I was expecting something popcorn-worthy, but this was not. It's hard to get a clear visual because of the A330 in the foreground, but it looks as if the A380 may have at least got the right mains down, or perhaps landed on the mains and buffeted and sort of wobbled from one to the other. But regardless, it touched down, there was a bit of buffeting, and the nosegear came down. Yawn.


As a FAA certified flight instructor-instrument and airplane-for about 35 years-this video is neither scary nor documentary evidence that the flight crew did not have total control of the aircraft. The flight crew did its job in crummy conditions and should be commended instead of doubted (which is what this silly thread does)....No injuries, no property damage, a non-newsworthy event.

ioto1902 January 8, 2016

Quite scary indeed. I wonder what would have happened with a smaller aircraft ...