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Flight Evacuated, Delayed After Passenger Uses ‘Fake Passport’


A British Airways flight departing for London was halted after flyer allegedly boarded with a “fake passport.”

Flyers heading from the island of Ibiza to London were delayed over three hours while their British Airways aircraft was searched after a passenger allegedly attempted to fly with a fake passport. International Business Times reports British Airways flight 8462 was grounded at Ibiza Airport (IBZ) while security personnel responded to the incident.

The flight was scheduled to depart on Friday, January 8, with scheduled service to London City Airport (LCY) before continuing to Dublin Airport (DUB). After the passengers were boarded on the aircraft, the captain made the announcement that everyone aboard would have to be deplaned. According to the Daily Mail, the captain allegedly told flyers that one of the passengers had a fake passport.

During the three-and-a-half hour delay, the aircraft and luggage were scanned for explosives and other threats to the aircraft. International Business Times identified the flyer in question as a female traveling to DUB who may have been of Iranian descent.

“We don’t know what they were looking for,” Gabriel Gimenez, a flyer aboard the flight, told a local newspaper as translated by International Business Times. “I don’t know why they had to do this in front of everyone because doing that spread panic.”

A spokesperson for the British flag carrier confirmed the incident, but did not confirm the flyer’s passport status. Although the aircraft was ultimately allowed to depart, it was not clear if the woman was allowed to continue to her final destination.

“The aircraft returned to stand after authorities realized a customer was traveling with incorrect documents,” a spokesperson for British Airways told the Daily Mail. “The customer was offloaded and, in line with normal security procedures, all customers and their bags were re-screened as a precaution.”

The grounded flight is the second incident for the carrier to open the year. In the first week of January, a flyer announced a lawsuit against British Airways over luggage that allegedly fell and hit him on the head.

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alphaod January 13, 2016

My flight to HKG, we also were asked for deplane after a hour on the tarmac. Everyone's passports were rechecked and double checked, and our carry on items were all screened again. Then they brought some sort of scanning equipment onto the plane. I figured either bomb threat or something like this.