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FBI Arrests Accused Masturbator in Cabin of AA Flight

An American Airlines passenger is facing federal charges stemming from his allegedly lewd conduct on a New York to Charlotte-bound flight.

The FBI has filed a criminal warrant in federal court for a 40-year-old American Airlines passenger who is accused of publicly pleasuring himself on a Thursday flight from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). According to court documents obtained by The Charlotte ObserverArthur Fischer engaged in the lewd activity while “seated in the cabin of a commercial aircraft in flight, where any reasonable man would know that his acts would be open to observation by others.”

Fischer, who was interviewed by the FBI shortly after the flight, reportedly told agents that he “got an erection after takeoff and covered himself with his vest.” He also explained to agents that he was not masturbating, but was instead cleaning his genital area with a wipe because “it smelled bad.” Fischer acknowledged that his private area may have been exposed at some point, reportedly telling federal investigators that he “felt a breeze on it.”

According to eyewitness statements, however, there was nothing innocent about the inappropriate behavior that Fischer is accused of engaging in during the flight. One passenger seated nearby told investigators that she woke to find the stranger “rubbing his legs on the outside of his pants” before he eventually put his hands in his pants and then exposed himself. The woman told federal agents that she switched seats to get away from Fischer who was seated in the window seat with a vest covering his lap. One eyewitness told authorities that at one point in the flight, the accused masturbator’s “erect penis was fully exposed.”

Fischer admitted during the FBI interview that he was aware that his actions were making other passengers uncomfortable. The criminal complaint filed by the Joint Terrorism Task Force in the Charlotte division of the FBI, alleges that his actions not only disturbed fellow passengers, but also violated federal law.

[Photo: American Airlines]

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kale73 September 2, 2016

Hmmm... Article is categorized as "Offbeat" news. I see what you did there.

justsawaufo September 1, 2016

“got an erection after takeoff and covered himself with his vest.” only pervs wear vests anyway.

aristotled September 1, 2016

He should be banned for life and get the fullest charge possible. It is not hilarious and it is a federal crime. What if a child was in the area? Tell you what, if this perverted degenerate reprobate did this and I witnessed it, he'd have had his blocked knocked off. Not acceptable.

pwd847 August 31, 2016

They make him sound like a terrorist! Whatever, the guy exposed himself. Give him a fine and move on. It's not like he is a sexual predator. He should have gone into the bathroom.....hopefully he can aim well. But yes, the pax's next to him must have been very uncomfortable.

Transpacificflyer August 31, 2016

It isn't hilarious if one has to sit next to such a person. I feel sorry for the pax that were in his row. And yes, it is a Federal case because it involves an alleged sexual misconduct on a federally regulated aircraft.