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Emirates Unveils New Feature in Light of Ban

Following the implementation of a recent travel ban courtesy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Emirates has unveiled a handling option that allows passengers to use their devices until the last moment before they have to be stowed. The electronics will be carefully stored in boxes and placed in the cargo hold after passengers hand them over when the pass through gate-side screening.

In a statement, airline CEO Tim Clark said, “Our aim is to ensure compliance with the new rules, while minimizing disruption to passenger flow and impact on customer experience.”

The service will be free to travelers flying to the U.S. from Dubai.

For more information on this story, visit USA Today.

[Video: YouTube/Emirates]

[Photo: Emirates]

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Firewind March 25, 2017

How will this work with dozens of Li-Ion battery laptops inadvertently left turned on, stacked flat on top of one another, even in boxes? Or even two together, with dozens turned off, stacked one on another? Or just one turned on with dozens that are turned off, stacked above and beneath? And can't a phone be used to detonate a bomb in the hold?

CDKing March 24, 2017

Lets say this laptop threat is real. How would they know for sure they took everyone laptops. Couldn't you just leave it in your bag amd just take it out the moment this alleged device is to be used? how would they know unless screening is done and laptops taken away before boarding the flight.