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Director Live-Tweets Confrontation With “Nightmare” Passenger

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts tweeted every moment of a bitter and nasty feud with a seat mate over his fellow passenger’s questionable manners and supposed alt-right views.

More than a few Thanksgiving holiday travelers had to negotiate delicate political differences over family dinner this year, but for Hollywood director Jordan Vogt-Roberts the real fireworks happened en route from grandmother’s house. Vogt-Roberts apparently found his seat mate’s politics and behavior so objectionable that he took to social media to share his pain with thousands of his Twitter followers.

A commercial airline flight probably isn’t the best arena in which to hash out political differences in the wake of the contentious U.S. presidential election. A United Airlines pilot recently even had to use the public address system to urge passengers to leave partisan debates at the jetway. The messages, however seems to have been lost on the Hollywood personality and an enthusiastically alt-right passenger seated next to him.

The since deleted tweets about the flight-long spat, catalogued by Mashable, detail an exchange that went beyond passenger shaming or vigorous political discord and soon turned downright insulting. Vogt-Roberts’s 74 rapid-fire and increasingly more agitated posts exposed ill manners, a decided lack of civility, some questionable judgement and ridiculously invasive behavior from everyone involved.

Highlights of the quickly escalating inflight spat live-tweeted by Vogt-Roberts include:

“To a Colin Kaepernick Facebook article the old man in a bad sweater next to me on the plane left the comment ‘What a piece of S**T.’”

To a “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group” post, he commented “They don’t provide anything, in fact we need to start TAKING something”

“Imagine seeing a grown ass man eat an airplane cookie with the hand motions & mannerisms as if he was sucking a Peach. Trust me, it’s gross.”

“Switches back from red wine to Scotch. Says ‘merci’ again. Wants a refill on both. DROPS THE F*****G GLASS ON MY FEET. Shatters him: whoa.”

“I can’t do this anymore. I feel like I’m sitting next the the physical manifestation of the white male patriarchy’s dying breath. Sleep time.”

“This is a metaphor for trumps America I swear to god.”

“It was incredible how quickly he went from “guy sitting next to me” to “you liberal scum are ruining my America.”

A good portion of the two seat mates’ back-and-forth seemed to center around a missing phone charger and dining etiquette, but even a confrontation between the men over the proper way to eat a dessert cookie took on an overtly political tinge. The simmering confrontation perhaps predictably ended in name calling and at least one passenger “accidentally” being hit with a carry-on bag.

This is only the most recent of string of political disagreements that have raged out-of-control on commercial flight in the US over the past several weeks. In addition to the United Airlines flight that required a lengthy “can’t we all get along speech” from the captain, a passenger was arrested following an American Airlines flight after allegedly harassing Milwaukee County Sheriff and vocal Donald Trump supporter David Clarke.

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alangore November 30, 2016

The headline refers to an inflight political argument. The description, on the other hand, seems to be Vogt-Roberts gratuitously eavesdropping on his seatmate's Facebook posts and getting increasingly riled over the man's political opinions. I call snowflake!