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Delta Finally Adds 737 MAX to Fleet

After expressing little interest in the troubled Boeing 737 MAX, Delta Air Lines will order 100 airframes as part of a fleet renewal, with options for 30 more.
The long-rumored sale of Boeing 737 MAX airframes to Delta Air Lines is now complete.


The Atlanta-based carrier announced they have a firm order for 100 737 MAX-10 aircraft with options for 30 more at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022.


Boeing 737 MAX Order Part of Fleet Renewal as Air Travel Demand Returns

Although Delta has been loyal to the Airbus A321neo, rumors began to swirl about a potential 737 MAX purchase in March 2022. While the carrier did not formally comment at the time, chief executive Ed Bastian did tell a seminar that the company could “figure out how to bring them [the 737 MAX-10] in.”


Under the agreement, Delta will receive the first 737 MAX-10 in 2025. The largest variant of the narrow-body aircraft will be powered by the CFM LEAP-1B engine, which is reported to be up to 30% more fuel efficient than the retiring aircraft. As is customary with aircraft deals, the price Delta is paying was not disclosed.


The airline says the MAX-10 fits into their long-term strategic plans on multiple levels. The larger aircraft will be able to accommodate more passengers than the retiring airframes. In addition, the airline says adding another 737-type aircraft will simplify pilot training. Combined with their A321neo orders, Delta says adding the newest generation 737s will help their goals to be more environmentally sustainable over time.


When integrated into the fleet, the 737 MAX-10 will feature 20 first class seats, 33 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 129 economy seats. Each aircraft will be outfitted with power outlets at each seat and on-demand in-flight entertainment through Delta Studio.


“The Boeing 737-10 will be an important addition to Delta’s fleet as we shape a more sustainable future for air travel, with an elevated customer experience, improved fuel efficiency and best-in-class performance,” Bastian said in a press release. “These new aircraft provide superior operating economics and network flexibility, and the agreement reflects our prudent approach to deploying our capital.”


Once the new aircraft are delivered, Delta’s total fleet will exceed over 300 airframes. However, the 737 fleet will still be the second-largest aircraft type in the airline, trailing behind the Airbus A320 family.


New Airframes Part of Larger Investment Strategy

The new aircraft is just one part of Delta’s latest investment strategy as the demand for aviation returns. Alongside upgrades in Delta Sky Clubs and facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Salt Lake City, the company is planning to buy back up to $1.5 billion in notes due between 2023 and 2026, including the “SkyMiles Notes” backed by their loyalty program.


Feature image courtesy: Delta Air Lines

stc August 16, 2022

People are saying this is Delta saying they want the 797 as a replacement for 757.

AsiaTravel2019 July 22, 2022

Safest airplane in the sky and now a hit for Boeing! 

BC Shelby July 19, 2022

...Boeing lost part  of my respect for moving their HQ out of the Northwest (where most of their manufacturing and development is done) to Chicago, not proceeding with a true 757 replacement (the 737 Max is "Not"), the Max certification debacle, and the recent decision to move all 787 production to the troubled South Carolina plant from Everett. 

I used to have a great deal of respect for Boeing as their engineering was sound, but lately (particularly following the MDD acquisition) that does not seem to be the case. Had they gone ahead with the 757 replacement instead of putting all their eggs in the basket of a half century old concept (originally intended to be a short-medium haul aircraft designed to serve small town airports), they would have had their "NMA" years ago and the jump on Airbus.  But then, I'm no corporate bean counter. Looks like I'll have to check aircraft type every time I plan a trip now.  I'll take the smaller A220 over a Max on a transcontinental trip.

rylan July 19, 2022

Yuck, another stretched 737 with a squished interior I bet.  I hope DL doesn't follow the horrid layout that they used for the 737-900.

Aloha1 July 19, 2022

Safety counts far more than so-called "environmental sustainability. Unless this airframe is 100% FAA certified safe, it's by by Delta for this Diamond