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Comedian Admits He May Have “Gone Too Far” in Airport Revenge Incident

A well-known stand-up comedian took to social media to humble brag about a sinister act of vengeance he unleashed on a woman who let her dog poop in the middle of an LAX terminal.

Stand-up comic Steve Hofstetter travels thousands of miles each year between gigs. It’s no surprise that the foibles of modern air travel are occasionally featured in his routines, but Hofstetter’s funniest new anecdote didn’t start off as a joke at all.

The comedian used social media to share a pitch-perfect story of airport revenge with his followers. Hofstetter admits that he may have “gone too far” in his attempt to get back at a rude pet owner at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The purportedly true story begins with the narrator noticing a fellow passenger’s dog pooping in the middle of a terminal at LAX. Because the dog owner was otherwise engaged, live-chatting on a mobile device, the comic kindly pointed out the messy pile of dog poop. According to Hofstetter, rather than cleaning the mess, that he was busily directing fellow passengers to avoid stepping in, she simply replied that “they have people for that.”

Hofstetter who confessed that he travels with his own well-behaved dog several times a year, pointed out that there is a “pet relief area” only steps from where the woman allowed her pet to do its business.

When our hero arrived at his gate after finding a maintenance worker to deal with the fecal hazard, he found the unpleasant woman waiting for the same flight to Tokyo. He noted that she was loudly playing music sans headphones while her dog was aggressively barking and snarling at everyone who passed.

“Everyone else tried to ignore her, sitting as far away from her as they could,” Hofstetter wrote. “I am not everyone else. I sat down right next to the horrible woman. ‘Are you going to London on business?’ [I asked her]. ‘I’m going to Tokyo,’ she responded gruffly, annoyed that I interrupted her DJ-ing.”

“‘Oh,’ I said, ‘Then you better hurry. That flight got moved to gate 53C. This is the flight to London.’”

Hofstetter claimed that his intention was only to give the obnoxious pet owner a few moments of panic before she realized that a large percentage of passengers at the gate were Japanese and the marquee at the kiosk clearly read “Tokyo” rather than “London.” The comic said that when she took off for a non-existent gate, rather than stopping her, he decided instead that it was her just desserts.

“”A woman let her dog s*** on the floor,” the comedian wrote summing up his epic revenge saga. “So I s*** on her plans.”

Hoffstetter later shared his story on the Pro-Revenge subreddit, where he provided links to his scheduled performances in Los Angeles and Tokyo as well as a Delta Airlines ticket in his name to Tokyo International Airport (HND). The comedian said he was helpfully providing the documentation for those who “want to play internet detective and demand to see my ticket.”

[Photo: Steve Hofstetter]

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RUAMKZ March 23, 2017

I think the flight is something like 10.5 hours. Also glad that he did that.

KRSW February 25, 2017

Bravo sir! I'll gladly buy you a beer if we ever meet! I don't think you went too far at all.

dls25 February 25, 2017

LAX to TYO is less than 12 hours...

BLONDIEandDAGWOOD February 24, 2017

This is nonsense. a) Delta does not even allow pets on flights longer than 10 hours. b) Japan has a quarantine requirement for animals coming in. International Pet Travel Effective, October 1, 2016, Delta and Delta Cargo will no longer accept warm blooded animals on flights with an average flight time of greater than 12 hours.

strickerj February 24, 2017

Yeah, this is pretty benign as far as pranks go. I can't imagine ever feeling so entitled as to say "they have people for that".