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Chicago P.D. Star Pens Open Letter to a Plane Harasser

Actress Sophia Bush posted a biting missive to a “Random Dude on a plane” warning “You do not get to harass me, or any woman,” and sending a stark notice to other over-amorous flyers.

Sophia Bush, star of the NBC hit drama Chicago PD, is fed up with inappropriate behavior from fellow air travelers. She explained her well-earned frustration in an open letter posted to her Twitter account on Friday.

The actress addressed her message to “Dear Random Dude on a plane.” Bush offered a bit of advice for the passenger who apparently made quite a pest of himself. “When you make a woman so visibly uncomfortable, that after you’ve ignored all visual cues to please leave her alone (one word answers, she pulls out a book, puts on a hat, she actually asks you not to speak to her with the tone and words you’re choosing to use) that she finally GETS UP and MOVES SEATS, leave her alone,” she wrote. “Do not continue trying to make conversation.”

Bush addressed the clueless passenger’s escalating aggressiveness point-by-point in the the stern admonishment to both “Random Dude” and other potential in-flight harassers. “Stop turning around and looking at her,” she advised. “Stop leaning out of your seat and towards her body when she has to grab something out of the overhead bin above her original seat, and sadly also above you, mid-flight.”

Bush’s call-to-arms is being widely applauded by her followers on social media. She wrapped up the strongly worded tweet with a personal warning. “And in my case, stop believing that you are entitled to make me uncomfortable because you ‘watch my TV show’ so I owe you some magical debt,” she concluded. ”I make it, you watch it. After that, the ‘exchange’ is done. You do not get to harass me, or any woman, because you think you pay our bills. You don’t bro, I DO.”

Bush also offered a nod of solidarity to less famous travelers who may have had to endure similar harassment from fellow passengers. She ended the letter, simply, “Signed, Every Woman On The Planet Who Is Sick of Your Creepy S***.”


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weero September 21, 2016

"You do not get to harass me, or any woman, because you think you pay our bills. You don’t bro, I DO." So she gets to harass herself and any woman she pleases? That makes a ton of sense => Twitter user syndrome ...

flyerCO September 21, 2016

No it sounds like the guy didn't take the hint and continually tried to talk with her. People are entitled to be left alone. If at first you don't succeed isn't the advice to be followed in this case. As for the looking part, while I agree people can make you feel uncomfortable with their looks, as long as it's just looks there's nothing that can be done. Should he close his eyes and pretend you're not there?

nineworldseries September 20, 2016

Certainly we don't have all of the story, but from the tweet, it sounds like this guy DARED to TALK to her and LOOK at her.