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Buzz Aldrin Chastises Delta Airlines Agent After Missing His Flight

TMZ recently nabbed some footage of Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, getting pretty upset with a Delta agent after missing his flight.

TMZ starts filming mid-altercation so it’s tough to tell exactly went on to make Mr. Aldrin miss his 9:25 flight out of LAX. What is clear is that it’s 9:20 and Buzz is still trying to get on board.

“I don’t want the next flight,” he says when the agent discusses his options. “Are you operating an airline here or what?… This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen,” he says at one point.

“I’m telling you, you guys are going to be in a little bit of trouble, because we’ve been sitting here now for 20 minutes waiting for someone to come and fix a two-minute problem,” says Mr. Aldrin.

Then he asks for names and seems to say — the audio on the recording isn’t clear — that he’s going to report both desk agents to “the president. I’m not kidding.” Exactly which president he means, we’re not sure.

The desk agent, for her part, seems to be doing her best to help out. She even, at one point, offers to let him speak to the tower agent to confirm that his 9:25 flight has indeed left the gate.

The video cuts out shortly after and resumes with a one-on-one with Buzz Aldrin where TMZ asks, “would you say that it was easier to go to the moon?”

Buzz seems exasperated by the question and responds instead by saying, “Look, my son worked for Delta, I know the people. I don’t want to say things like that.”

“Are they going to take care of you, or what?” asks TMZ

“A later flight,” says Buzz as he walks off camera.


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drvannostren January 22, 2018

I guess we know he won't be the second person stepping off that aircraft ;) That being said, I'm not a DYKWIA type cuz frankly, I'm nobody. BUT I can sympathize in the "2 minute problem" thing. Being late is late, but it FEELS stupid when you've stood there and been told 15 reasons why they won't let you on the plane instead of just letting you on and not impacting a damn thing.

KansasMike January 19, 2018

How do you know he was late? Since we do not see the beginning of the video, we don't know if he was held up in some way that was Delta's fault.

imseanbrown January 18, 2018

Pretty sure NASA would have left him behind if he had shown up late for the Apollo flight... Not entirely sure why people thing an agent will hold a flight for one person. Will never happen

thesaints January 18, 2018

Isn’t Fred Thompson checking in towards the end of the video ?

nydisneykid January 18, 2018

He could buy his own plane and fly himself wherever he wanted