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Body Suit Imitates Limited Mobility in Airports

Senior white man relaxing in a chair in the Dubai airport waiting area. The man is dressed in a striped polo, black trousers and black shoes. (Photo: iStock)

An outfit developed in Germany called Gerontological Test suit (aka GERT) gives its wearers an idea of what it feels like to walk through an airport with limited mobility.

With a heavy padded vest and blurred goggles, the “aging suit” weighs around 30 pounds and is used to make sure elderly travelers –  and others with limited mobility –  can navigate airport terminals and successfully access airport facilities.

For more information on this story, visit USA Today.

[Feature Photo: iStock]

[Article Photo: Harriet Baskas]

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djjaguar64 August 30, 2016

I feel bad for elderly and overweight people, the amount of walking in airports is getting ridiculous.

DrunkCargo August 26, 2016

Where can I buy one of these suits?