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How to Pretend Like You’re Flying Private

Private jets are outside of the reach of many travelers, but LA-based artist and entrepreneur Matty Mo has brought the lux life a step closer with The Private Jet Experience. This ground-based art installation offers Instagrammers the chance to snap selfies while pretending to live high in the sky.

Private jets are outside of the reach of many, but for those who find themselves lacking deep pockets, an LA-based artist and entrepreneur has brought the lux life just a little bit closer. The Private Jet Experience by Matty MoThe Most Famous Artist and his company, SelfieCircus, is a set that has been realistically designed to look just like the sumptuous interior of a private jetInsider reports.

Entirely based on the ground, this touring art installation – which features the luxurious fixtures and fittings that one would expect to find in the interior of a private jet – has just landed at Art Basel in Miami. The outlet reports that The Private Jet Experience has attracted plenty of attention, especially from Instagrammers eager to trick the users who follow them on the social media platform.

Offering insight on the installation in a statement, Mo was quoted by the outlet as saying that, “The Private Jet Experience was created because we wanted to be able to take pictures on a private jet like all of the celebrities we see online. Most people cannot afford a real jet, so we made one that democratizes access to a backdrop previously reserved for the rich and famous.”

“With The Private Jet Experience, we are purposefully commoditising a symbol of excess, ultimately nullifying the status boost people receive from posting photos on real private planes, thereby forcing everyone to be more creative and seek out the next great symbol of influence,” he further explained.

Tour dates for this art installation can be viewed here.

[Photo: Matty Mo]

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