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Alaska Champions Inclusion with Gender-Neutral Uniforms

Alaska Airlines is taking their inclusion efforts a step further by issuing public-facing staff gender neutral uniforms and offering pins with preferred pronouns.
As part of their dedication to inclusion in the workplace, Alaska Airlines is offering frontline employees the opportunity to dress in the uniform that best aligns with their gender identity.


In a press release, the Seattle-based carrier says they have updated their uniform guidelines “to provide more freedom and flexibility in individual and gender expression,” and will be rolling out gender-neutral items in the future.


New Guidelines Allows Piercings, Makeup, Tattoos and Pronoun Pins

Under the new rules, employees will be given more latitude to express themselves in their identity. This includes adjusting uniform kit names to “focus on fit vs. gender identifications,” alongside several new options for workers of all gender identities. The changes affect all customer-facing staff, including flight attendants, customer service agents and uniformed lounge employees.


Among the guidelines are allowances for tattoos in more locations and more hair styling options. Employees can also wear fingernail polish, makeup, have up to two piercings per ear and a single stud nose piercing.


To help employees with their identity, the carrier will also distribute pins with their preferred pronouns to be worn on uniforms. The current options are “He/Him,” “She/Her,” and “They/Them.”


Later this year, gender-neutral uniform items will be added to the uniform offerings. The company is working with Seattle designer Luly Yang to create and offer the new pieces for workers.


“I know firsthand what it feels like not to be seen, heard or able to bring your authentic self to work. When I’ve experienced this, it didn’t feel great and honestly made it hard to come to work every day during those times, or to deliver my best work,” James Thomas, director of diversity, equity and inclusion at Alaska, said in a press release. “Our employees, guests and communities we serve have my commitment we are going to keep listening and pushing ourselves to be better.”


The policy change comes nine months after the American Civil Liberties Union petitioned the carrier to change their uniform standards on behalf of Justin Wetherell, a flight attendant working out of Seattle. The letter accused Alaska Airlines of running afoul of Washington State Law’s discrimination laws. According to the ACLU, the state prohibits all inequities “based on gender identity, appearance, behavior, or expression and violates state and federal prohibitions against sex discrimination.”


Alaska Airlines also said they would work towards allowing passengers to choose personal pronouns when booking flights by the end of the year. The carrier first announced the efforts to make the change at the end of 2019.


Announcement Positive Point in Difficult Year for Carrier

The move to allow employees more self-expression comes after Alaska suffered a number of setbacks to start the year. In addition to cancelling part of their schedule and in-flight service options in January 2022, the carrier announced they may cut 5% of their second quarter flights based on oil prices.


Feature image courtesy: Alaska Airlines

closecover March 31, 2022

How did tatoos, piercings and makeup become a human rights issue? If an employer thinks those things are unprofessional, they have a right to set standards regarding whether and to what degree their employees can use or display their items.  It has nothing to do with gender.

edgewood49 March 30, 2022

So goes the "old Alaska Air"  For heavens sake so how do we "address " a FA ? I have been in meetings public events with the new management frankly not impressed walking away from one event feeling that my old mainstay is gone the CEO even failed to mention or call out the million milers that were in attendance something that would never had happend in the past. 

No looking at this latest it fits the new Alaska which I predit will merge 

Kevin AA March 30, 2022

This is just pathetic. Do we really need to be told whether someone is a boy or a girl? Most of us can figure it out. This is so sad to see the woke mob extending their wicked tentacles to a great airline, Alaska Airlines.

SomeguyinDFW March 29, 2022

Pronoun pins? Good grief. My five-year-old can bat 1.000 on correct pronoun usage. It seems she does better than a lot of the so-called adults.

PaulMSN March 29, 2022

Your personal "moral" beliefs are not those of everyone else.  You don't seem to realize this.