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Non-Binary Passengers Can Now Identify as “U” or “X” on American Airlines

American Airlines just announced an awesome change to its gender options. Beginning soon, customers can select “U” or “X” gender markers when making flight reservations online. Although the system update is not yet live, the options are currently available for those who book tickets over the phone. This update makes American Airlines the second carrier to include non-binary options to its list of gender selections.

American explained their decision in a statement, “Taking care of our customers and team members is what we do, and we are glad to be able to better accommodate the gender preferences of our travelers and team members.”

Who Else Offers Non-Binary?

In March, United Airlines was the first carrier to offer non-binary options to flight reservations. The decision came after Airlines for America (A4A), and IATA approved new best practices that suggest airlines accommodate passengers with non-binary IDs. The organizations say that passengers with “undisclosed” genders should be given an option outside of “female” or “male.” The change prompted a discussion with LGBTQ+ organizations, The Trevor Project, and The Human Rights Campaign to ensure United employees were trained on the updates, including an emphasis on preferred pronouns.

Acting director of the Workplace Equality Program at the Human Rights Campaign, Becky Bailey, said in a statement, “By providing non-binary gender selection for ticketing and the gender-inclusive honorific ‘Mx’ in user profiles, United Airlines is taking an important step forward for non-binary inclusion.”

Others Airlines Also Planning to Include Non-Binary

Southwest Airlines does not currently offer the option to customers but says they are looking to incorporate it in the future. An airline spokesperson said in a statement, “Please know that while we don’t have a timeframe to share, Southwest is currently investigating solutions and the technical requirements needed to provide our customers non-binary gender marker options during the booking process.”

Alaska Airlines also has plans to update their gender options, stating, “The appropriate teams at Alaska are working to finalize our plans and still determining when this capability will be available to our guests. [Alaska] is committed to providing non-binary gender options for our guests when booking and traveling.”

[Image: pexels/Lucas Decrock]

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tdcao January 20, 2020

M, F, U, X? What about if I identify as FU? Can I fill out my sex as FU?

GetSetJetSet January 13, 2020

Why is this "awesome?" Just seems ridiculous.

weero January 5, 2020

"trained on preferred pronouns" = corporate America helping its staff to unlearn wrongthing. Please also don't forget to monitor their off-time speech and attitude..... If someone predicted that 5 years ago, it would (rightfully) have been called a fringe conspiracy theory.

glob99 December 27, 2019

That aint goin' to work on international flights.

Dr.Ells December 26, 2019

I’m not certain that a real journalist would ever categorize an additional option as an “awesome” (opinionated) “change.” FlyerTalk editing?