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Air Canada Now Offers Free, Uncapped Gogo Wi-Fi for Pax with Status

Elite flyers on Air Canada flights will no longer need to read the fine print when choosing an inflight wi-fi plan; complimentary unlimited access will now be offered as an optional perk.

Air Canada wants to change the way passengers use and pay for in-flight wi-fi service. As the carrier slowly rolls out stepped-up Gogo 2Ku satellite internet service, the airline has promised that unlimited wi-fi packages will be truly unlimited and will not be capped after arbitrary data limits are reached.

“You won’t have that issue on our program,” Air Canada VP Andrew Yiu told reporters at a Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) press conference last month unveiling the airline’s ambitious wi-fi initiatives. “There will not be a cap.”

The Montreal-based airline also has plans to offer a unique loyalty program tied to passengers’ in-flight data purchases. In the meantime, Air Canada will offer gratis wi-fi packages for passengers with more traditional elite status.

“Earlier this year, Air Canada announced plans to launch an all new, digital-first loyalty program in June 2020. While we design the future program, we’re committed to adding new options and benefits for Altitude members today and over the next two years,” Air Canada VP of Loyalty & eCommerce Mark Nasr said in a statement announcing the new frequent flyer amenity, “In-flight Wi-Fi is a critical amenity for business and leisure travelers alike, so we’re excited to become the first North American airline to offer the choice of unlimited wi-fi plans to our most frequent Altitude members.”

Complimentary six-month wi-fi packages will be available for passengers with Altitude Elite 75K status. Twelve-month unlimited access packages will be offered to Super Elite 100K members. The packages will allow access to both Gogo wi-fi service and enhanced Gogo 2Ku service (when available) on all Air Canada, Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge flights. According to the airline, there will be absolutely no throttling or limiting of usage based on data limits.

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flyerCO February 22, 2018

Drunkcargo - That's the term. Why should they rethink it just because you don't like it?

DrunkCargo December 25, 2017

No throttling... Sounds like having no armrests between Y seats or partitions between pods... Rethink your words, Air Canada.

alphaod December 24, 2017

China Eastern has been running a free WiFi promo for months. You don't even need status. They do limit the number of users who sign up though, so first-come first serve.

DEN December 21, 2017

I won't be holding my breath for other North American airlines to follow. I do have a Swiss flight in January which is probably only marginally better WiFi than not having it at all..... Nice perks for Elites on AC! DEN