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Air Canada Institutes Stringent Carry-On Policy

Air Canada

New plan outlined by Air Canada will tag “approved” carry-on luggage prior to busy summer travel season.

Flyers trying to sneak oversized carry-on luggage aboard Air Canada aircraft this summer may be forced to check their luggage, after all. The Toronto Star reports the Canadian flag carrier will institute a new carry-on luggage policy ensuring that all bags in the main cabin meet standard size and weight requirements.

Under the new policy, gate agents will be standing by at both check-in and outside security checkpoints. Before a flyer is allowed to pass into the security checkpoint, their luggage will be measured to make sure it fits within the current allowable size and weight restrictions as published on the Air Canada website. If the luggage measures within the guidelines, then the bags will be tagged red as “approved.” If not, the passenger will be forced to check their luggage to their final destination for a fee.

In a news release, the airline claims the change is made with the intention of prioritizing a comfortable travel experience ahead of the busy summer season. “This [new policy] will make it easier and safer to stow your personal items on board, may help reduce wait times at security, and will help avoid flight delays caused by larger bags being checked at the gate,” the news release reads.

The new rules will take effect starting Monday, May 25 at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Air Canada plans to expand the policy to include additional airports throughout the month of June. The airline did not specify if the policy would apply at American airports.

Air Canada may be the only Canadian airline instituting such a policy for their flyers. In a statement to The Toronto Star, a spokesperson for WestJet said they are not planning a similar approval policy on their flights.

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sdsearch May 22, 2015

Hm, this article mentions that they will be checking size and weight, but the linked press release only mentions that they will be checking size. For those us whose carry-ons are definitely within size limits, but who never think about the weight of those carry-ons (beyond reasonably for us to lift into the overhead bin), that's a big difference!