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Air Canada: 6-Year-Old Boy ‘High Risk’

Toronto citizen Sulemaan Ahmed reports that his 6-year-old son Syed Adam Ahmed has been placed on a DHP (or “Deemed-High-Profile”) list. His family was traveling to Foxborough, Mass. for the NHL’s Winter Classic on New Year’s Eve when they were stopped at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport by security. The family is demanding to know why, and they report that the government has given them vague, unsatisfying answers.

“He’s basically being carded for being Muslim,” said Ahmed’s mother, Khadija Cajee.

As of Saturday, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale claims to be looking into the family’s situation.

To read more about this story, go to Huffington Post.

[Photo: Courtesy of Sulemaan Ahmed]

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Dhamal January 7, 2016

I thought Canada had no problem for being Muslim considering they are so happy taking in all those Muslim Syrian refugees, there is more to this story than what the public is being told.

drvannostren January 7, 2016

Hold on a second. I saw this posted in the Vancouver Province as well a couple days ago. Are these lists not administered by the government or a federal organization, like the FAA or Transport Canada? If it's truly administered by Air Canada, then I'm MILDLY outraged. But in either case, has this problem not been ongoing? People with the same name as high risk individuals? Obviously Air Canada/Transport Canada doesn't think this 6 year old is a terrorist. Frankly, if he was carded "just for being muslim" his dad would be too. So let's just back off of that a bit. They said this has happened multiple times and he can't check in online for his flight. So why not ask? If they've asked and AC basically said "sorry, name is on the list" then ok, try to take the next step. But just immediately crying to the media is so hacky. I feel for the family that they have this annoyance, but they've also not said they've been denied or missed a flight ever because of it. So it's simply a matter of having to go to check-in and showing them he's a little kid. Boohoo. Obviously it would present more of a problem when he gets older, but I'd think taking normal action would have it resolved before that. I still often have to go to check-in because no matter how many times I give them my passport number, they still need to verify it. This story, and the one in the Province weren't totally defamatory but let's get an answer from the minister of transportation, not public safety, let's get an answer from AC as to who runs that list. Lastly, they could fly Westjet. But if this list works the way I think it does, they're gonna have the same problem there.