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A Mysteriously Abandoned 737 Sparks Mystery in Bali

No one knows why, when or how the Boeing came to rest in a field close to Pandawa Beach. Not surprisingly, it has become something of a talking point among both locals and travelers on Bali. Despite sitting on privately owned land, tourists continue to flock to the area to see the plane.

A plane left mysteriously abandoned on the Indonesian island of Bali has sparked both curiosity and conjecture among locals and tourists alike, the Mirror reports. According to The Sunthe Boeing 737 is currently parked on a patch of land just off of a highway close to Pandawa Beach.

Despite its undeniably conspicuous appearance, no one appears to know exactly how, when or why the large aircraft came to rest in its present location, but some locals believe that the plane was due to be revamped into a restaurant. The conjecture is that the owner of the plane ran out of the funds needed to convert the 737 into an eatery, leaving the craft in-situ in a field.

This odd scene has attracted quite a lot of attention on the island and the plane has now become something of a tourist attraction. However, the 737 rests on private land which is monitored by a security guard and tourists who want to see the plane are required to pay a fee before entering the site.

Despite this, travelers on the island appear to be more than eager to see the plane. Speaking of their excitement at visiting the site, Katka and Mic, who have their own Instagram page @wejusttravel, were quoted by the Mirror as saying, “I read about this plane some time ago and I really wanted to see it. You could easily drive by and not know what’s behind it because it just looks like a regular highway. We found a way in the bushes and saw the whole plane from the top – it was amazing and freaky at the same time!”

Improbably, the island of Bali is home to another abandoned 737; this second plane is situated in Kedonganan, directly next to a Dunkin’ Donuts outlet.

[Photo: @wejusttravel/News Dog Media]

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SamirD March 21, 2018

And the plane is there as a tourist attraction because a security guard wouldn't guard it and take care of the 'fees' for free. This smells of marketing material passed off as a story. If it was a review of the tourist destination then that would have been story-worthy.

1StRanger February 23, 2018

"Despite sitting on privately owned land, tourists continue to flock to the area to see the plane." Sorry, but that's a dangling participle. Tourists are not "sitting on privately owned land", the plane is.